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Finishing with Pride and Integrity

High Choice Feeders, headquartered in Scott City, Kansas, hosts up to 55,000 head of cattle across three feed yards.

Our Approach

Quality is at the core of our approach. Our processes are designed to ensure consistent performance and structure in managing your cattle position, with a level of adaptability that meets your individual needs.

Geographic diversification provides more options for finishing cattle. We have two locations in Scott City, Kansas and one location in Orleans, Nebraska. This provides a greater breadth of access to feeder cattle, feed commodities, and marketing options to better suit customer preferences.

Transparency underpins our relationships. Pointed and reliable communication is the standard, and our customers can expect direct access to management.

People are critical to our shared success. We recognize that our employees, local farm producers, and community stakeholders succeed when our customers succeed. High Choice Feeders believes the cattle business is also a people business, so we invest in the people that make what we do possible.

Performance and profitability reside in the details. From animal husbandry practices, to developing feed rations and protocols, to risk management and marketing, every step of the process is meticulously administered to ensure you and your cattle are provided best-in-class treatment.

Recipient of the 2017 CAB Commitment to Excellence Award

And backed by a team of industry veterans, along with the support of professional nutritionists and veterinarians, High Choice Feeders develops feed rations that are both cost-effective and performance focused. Our experience and knowledge in feeding all types of cattle ensures that customers and investors receive a strong return on their investment.

Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility

Stewardship means we have the responsibility to put animal welfare and care at the forefront of our approach. We work with in-house and third-party nutritionists and veterinarians to make sure feed protocols and treatment plans are tailored to your cattle. We believe the concept of stewardship works in direct concert with cattle performance.

We also recognize the importance of being stewards of the land. Affecting change starts with local producers like us, and we believe preserving our land and its water is critical now and for future generations.

Leadership Team

Doug Claussen

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Scott

Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Scott

Director of Commodities Purchasing

Jeremy Mock

Director of Operations

Kayla Van Meter


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